Bio-Resonance Technology

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Aliton Bio-Renosance Technology


Scientific Evidence of 9.34 μm Positive Energy

  • 70 % of the body is water
  • Human beings are thermostatic beings. Human body temperature is about 36.5 °C
  • The surface temperature of the human body, wearing the Aliton Bio-Resonance disc will rise slightly to 37 °C due to the shielding factor.
  • Co-incidentally, Resonance MRI wavelength of water molecule measured at 37 °C in laboratory is 9.34 μm.

In 1893, Wien put forward the theory of energy blackbody radiation, which proved that the surface temperature of the heating body is inversely proportional to the radiation wavelength


  • Wien’s Law:
  • Radiation wavelength formula:  2897/(37+273.15)=9.34 μm

 Electromagnetic spectrum


Challenge to Modern Life Style :

Microcirculation Disorder :

  • There are 40 billion capillaries in the whole body, which supply 100 trillion cells. The total length of blood vessel is 9200 kilo metresCapillary is the last mile to cells
  • Capillaries transport:Serum Calcium, Sodium, Potassium, Blood Glucose, Oxygen, Immunoglobulin Erythrocyte, leukocyte, platelet, immune cells. Other nutrient.


Bio Resonance Rotational device                                

Aliton Hand Held Rotational Bio-Resonance Device


  • Continuously absorb environment energy, including solar waves, electric magnetic waves and cosmic ray.
  • Non-invasive, safe, and reusable
  • Easy to use, no manual needed
  • Can transform energy to be the moderated absorb energy for human body
  • Fast to see reduction of symptoms, even with first trial of 30 minutes for some cases

Benefits of Using Aliton Bio-Resonance Device :

  • The function of devices’ structure can continuously absorb environment energy and amplify to improve the micro circulation of human body.
  • Promote 20 billion capillaries circulation
  • Enhance the energy of meridians and strengthen the resonance of acupoints
  • Improve Qi circulation. In traditional Chinese medicine, Qi is the commander of blood. Strong Qi will lead to blood circulation and weak Qi will cause blood stasis
  • Promote Heart Entrainment, and hence enhance Resilience Level.
  • Potentially shielding of harmful Electro-Magnetic Radiation.