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A fabulous new way to dream! In this self-created virtual-reality the dreamer is firmly in charge. Unlike lucid dreaming, the dreamer is not asleep and is able to consciously engage with the dream to make their own choices on what to do, where to go and even call me by name to ask for advice.

The dreamer usually remains aware of being in the room and is able to interact with the people there. S/he is conscious of being in two realities simultaneously, and in control of both. It’s a bit like doing a running commentary on a movie that you’re creating and answering questions like “what’s happening?” “how are you feeling?” Sometimes the dreamer will ask “what do I do now?” Options will be offered and the dreamer makes the choice.

The eyes need to be closed to watch, sense and participate in the dreamscape. When the dream ends, the eyes open and the dreamer is usually able recall of the dream. Perhaps not in absolute detail, but certainly the important parts. All sessions are recorded so that the experience can be replayed even though the dream may fade.

A participant enters the dreamscape to find solutions or insights into whatever issues they need to resolve. This may include health issues (mental, emotional and physical), relationship matters, paranormal/metaphysical experiences, etc.

The dream is spontaneously downloaded by the subconscious mind and the adventure begins. What is downloaded is not at the command of the rational mind, but something totally unexpected and resolves the issue in it’s own unique way. We can investigate, explore, ask questions to gain absolute clarity, so we never have to speculate nor make assumptions. Every dream is original and fascinating.

Dream Therapy

About Me


Ailee Tan, Dream Therapist & Creator of Conscious Dreaming

Now back in Singapore, I lived in Melbourne for 40 years and was a counselor in a private practice. Shortly after I retired, I developed this new therapy whereby people may consciously enter the dream state to find their own answers. They are fully aware that they are participating in a dream, describe it in real time and are able to make their own choices about how they wish to proceed, where to go (or not) and even decide to terminate the dream by merely opening their eyes. The dreamer has complete control.

Who is it for?

Anyone who is ready to explore a novel way to resolve issues and challenges in a safe, comfortable setting. This may include health issues (mental, emotional and physical), relationship matters, paranormal/metaphysical experiences, etc.

Some examples:

  • Young male feeling disconnected, anxious & depressed. His healthcare professional diagnosed ‘developmental maladjustment’ and prescribed a course of medication. His dream revealed a severe emotional childhood trauma (not remembered), plus his compassionate feminine aspect which he’s terrified of being identified with.
  • Suicidal young female who had been raped. Also grieving death of best friend who committed suicide, she had been in psychiatric care for two years. She dreamed of a future where she was working in a job that she loved, with two adorable kids and a loving husband. The joy that showed on her face during and after the dream was priceless!! Her mother was thrilled to pick up this bright glowing young lady instead of the sad, withdrawn child she left with me earlier.
  • Autistic teenager adamant that he was captain of a spacecraft and was not from earth. He met up with his space buddies and visited a facility in his home planet. Is it real? It’s a dream. Was it fun? Absolutely! His mum commented that it was the first time ever that she had seen her child happy and relaxed.
  • Older lady who wanted to know why she could never be happy. Her dream took her to meet someone who gave her insights into her lack of love. She felt as if a huge burden had been lifted, and decided to give herself a new name to suit this new person she became. (More details on this session can be found in the post ‘Where is Joy?’ dreamdiarysg.com)

What happens in dream sessions are fabulously unscripted and unorthodox. It is after all a dream, and requires an open mind with no expectation of a specific outcome. As a counselor in mental and emotional health, I find that a dream session not only provides faster resolution of issues, it offers something that talk therapy could never provide: actual feelings of peace, love, compassion, etc.

If you feel that you may benefit from a session, I’d love to hear from you.


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